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Georgia: prosecution office files charges against four-person

The Georgian Prosecutor's office has filed against the four persons for the offense of fraudulent transaction. They frualuntlay manipulated the money of foreign nationals.

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The Georgian Prosecutor’s office has filed charges  against the four persons for the offense of fraudulent transactions. They fruaduntlay manipulated the money of foreign nationals.

As per the initial information, the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia filed charges against 4 persons on the fact of fraudulent appropriation of funds. These funds belonged to citizens of foreign countries and have been misappropriated by an organized group.


Additionally the investigation carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs found the accused guilty of the offense. During the investigation it was established that the administrator of the “Green Pub” restaurant and one of the employees of the same restaurant robbed the foreign national in fraudulent ways. They by implementing the pre-developed scheme under the name of the so-called “Promo Girls” scheme introduced tourists through social network sites to visit the restaurant.

Then during the stay of tourust at the hotel the accused people asked the tourists to pay a disproportionately large fee for the services they received. However, in case of refusal, they used psychological violence against them to get that extra amount of money. In this way, the members of the criminal group fraudulently took the money of citizens of many foreign countries. These victims also include the citizens of five countries Great Britain, Sudan, India, etc. The total amount they have collected through illegal ways is about 16,000 GEL so far.

It is to be specifically mentioned that all four persons were charged under Article 180, Part 2, “B” and Part 4, Sub-Clause “A” of the Criminal Code of Georgia (fraud committed by an organized group, which caused significant damage)  for which the sentence of 7 out of 10 Imprisonment of up to one year is provided.

The prosecutor’s office has already applied to the court with a motion to extend prison terms to the defendants as a preventive measure. The office also added that more strict measures will be taken in the future against the anti-social elements.

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