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Georgia: Prosecutor office charges one for murder

The prosecutor's office of the Republic of Georgia has filed charges against one person for the murder in Rustavi.

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The prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Georgia has filed charges against one person for the murder in Rustavi.

It is to be specifically mentioned that the investigation in this regard was carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The investigation which was carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs established that on February 27 in Rustavi the accused with the motive of revenge inflicted wounds on the victim’s throat using a sharp object and fled from the scene.


The injuries inflicted by the accused on the body of the victim were very serious. Moreover due to the seriousness of the injury the victim died on the spot.

After receiving the information the law enforcement agencies took quick action. The law enforcement officers arrested the accused on February 28. He was charged under Article 108 (intentional murder) of the Criminal Code of Georgia which provides for imprisonment from 10 to 15 years.

Notably the prosecutor’s office applies to the court within the time limit established by the law with a motion to extend the prison term for the accused as a preventive measure.

It is to be added that the prosecutor’s office has taken many strict actions against the anti-social elements as well. Just a few days ago the Rustavi city court sentenced a person for a heinous crime.

The representative of the prosecution said that the law enforcement agencies said that the fight against the anti-social element will continue in future as well.

The prosecution office also took to their social media pages and apprised the public about this development. The office also posted on their Facebook post.


The public also gave their mixed reaction as well. They appreciated the action of the prosecution office as well.Some social media users commented that this was a need of the hour to send a message to criminal persons as well.

The crime rate will be under control if all the agencies play their roles actively with mutual coordination.

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