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Georgia: Minister Giorgi Amilakhvari meets teachers in Rustavi

Giorgi Amilakhvari Georgian Minister of Education, Science and Youth i continues his meeting with teachers to discuss various aspects related to the country's education sector.

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Giorgi Amilakhvari Georgian Minister of Education, Science and Youth continues his meeting with teachers. He held the latest meeting with school teachers in Rustavi. More than 150 teachers participated in this meeting and discussed various aspects related to the country’s education sector.

During the meeting Minister Giorgi Amilakhvar introduced the participants to the various steps that need to be taken to support teachers and their professional development and provided detailed information about the new salary policy for teachers.


The meeting participants discussed various topical issues. These include the development of a new document outlining the national goals for general education, the national curriculum, the update of cognitive standards, the revision of textbooks, and changes to the teacher’s professional development and career advancement scheme for the benefit of children as well.

This important meeting was held in question-and-answer mode and teachers had the opportunity to ask questions about issues of interest and get complete information directly from the Minister. The minister also listened to the teachers’ problems and suggestions. He gave the answer to all the teachers in detail as well.

It is noteworthy that on the initiative of Giorgi Amilakhvari meetings with teachers are being held step-by-step throughout the country to provide timely responses to the problems being faced by the teachers and ensure their active involvement in making relevant decisions regarding education reforms as well.

It is to be added that the State Commissioner in Lower Kartli Giorgi Dokhturishvili, Rustavi Mayor Nino Latsabidze and Georgian Parliament Members took part in the meeting with teachers.

The meeting hall was full of teachers who came there with valuable suggestions. They expressed gratitude to the minister for providing them with a wonderful opportunity to share their thoughts with the minister. The minister also said that more such meetings would be held in future to address the grievances of the teachers and solve them.

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