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Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack receives negative reviews from fans!

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Nintendo has launched a new expensive membership tier for Nintendo Switch Online, named the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, which was revealed at its most recent Nintendo Direct exhibition. Before this, it was only known about the new Nintendo Switch Online service was that the Expansion Pack would cost more than the old membership and will include Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games. Nintendo has already declared the price and a release date for the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, there are many who don’t like it.

Nintendo has re-uploaded the video many times even though it is not original, the latest upload was on April 8, 2021, but people still don’t like it. They just upload it again every time to remove the worst parts, the user comments on this in the comments section. The video is updated with new changes that show the advantages of the service and that Nintendo has been including many features such as Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games, test games, and more.


The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack video has received 44 thousand dislikes vs just 15 thousand likes. According to the comments, the major issue is the price of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. The Nintendo Switch Online standard edition is very inexpensive at $19.99 per year, but the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is at a higher pace of $49.99 per year.

Those who want to purchase the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack will have to pay an additional $30 each year, and it appears that many users do not like this price increase. Users will be able to play Nintendo 64 games that will be available on Nintendo Switch Online, but they say that the games are not worth the $30 per year increase. Nintendo is not going to lower the price, so it will be worth watching to know how many Switch Online users receive the Expansion Pack when it is released on October 25.

The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack will include nine Nintendo 64 games, 14 Sega Genesis games, and also the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise premium DLC. This even adds extra features such as save states and online multiplayer functionality, a first for many of the included Nintendo 64 games and more Nintendo 64 games will be released with the same pack. Many fans do not like the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack pricing and think that the features aren’t good enough for the price.

Nintendo Switch Online teaser has seen this hate from the fans before. At the beginning of this year, a Nintendo Switch Online introduction trailer got very disliked reviews which made Nintendo remove it and had to re-upload it later. The re-upload also got a lot of disliked reviews, mostly from fans who were hurt by the removal of Super Mario Bros. 35 from the service.

While fans have been waiting for Nintendo 64 to release games to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service, it shows that many do not want to pay more money to be able to access other games. The price of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is not going to change now, but maybe it will be liked by the fans when Nintendo 64 has more games.

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