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Do This and Stop Counting Calories to Loose Weight!!

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According to some researchers, many people believe that if they eat less, they will lose weight more quickly, but this is not precisely the truth. Instead of taking six small meals a day, taking two large meals a day is more beneficial to a person hoping for weight loss because it burns more calories and helps keep your blood sugar low, leading to losing weight more quickly and effectively. If you eat the same in two means what you want to eat at six small meals, having big meals is a healthier way to lose weight and burn calories.

Many people think that starting your day with a high-calorie breakfast is suitable for the day to make the body lose weight, but it’s a kind of myth that people think and ever follow finds in a study. Dietitian Lauren Armstrong also said that “If your morning meal consists of foods high in sugar with little to no fibre or protein, the up and down blood sugar triggers your body into thinking it needs more fuel,” Further he added, “Adding protein, healthy fats, and fibre into your meals helps to stabilize blood sugar because they digest much slower compared to high sugar foods,” “You’ll also feel full for a longer period of time and will avoid any early afternoon energy crashes.”


As a result, our appetite increases and we crave processed, fatty, and sugary foods, and our body stores belly fat. When people also try to reduce their calories, the balance in the body strikes back, says Dr. Ludwig. An energy deficit causes weight loss, and energy is measured in calories. You need to have a calorie deficit to burn more energy than you absorb to lose fat, but that doesn’t mean you need to count calories.

Research shows that if you eat 1,500, 3,000, or 5,000 calories a day, you don’t get the nutrient-rich power with every bite, you don’t feel satisfied, and you don’t feel like your body is signaling to you to eat more in the hope that you’ll get the nutrients you need. If you like to eat tasteless, low-fat foods and go hungry, losing weight does not mean counting calories and removing fat from your diet.

We never advise people against calorie counting because it can lead to feelings of guilt and preoccupation with eating disorders and bad food. In the case of those who want to lose excess fat, the calorie count can obscure the reasons for their overeating in the first place. If calorie information lies (due to labeling laws that allow a 20% margin of error in the Nutritional Fact Panel), we end up eating far more calories than we think, even if we spend more on healthy foods.

There is good evidence that gut health and gut bacteria play a role in how many calories we absorb from our diet. We suspect, and we’re consuming a lot more calories from processed foods. A study of almond consumption in humans found that about 20% of calories are not absorbed. So overall eating less is not a healthy way but eating on time is a more effective way to keep yourself happy and healthy.

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