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Space rock hits Jupiter, occurrence captured by an astronomer!

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Once again, Jupiter the Jove got smacked a space rock and this whole incident was caught by a mature astronomer.  This collision of the planet and the rok happened on Monday night and the Brazilian astronomer, Jose Luis Pereira perfectly captured the glimpses of the bright flash that happened with the solar system. This also led to remember the lightened demise of the space rock high in the atmosphere of the Jove.

While sharing a written note, the astronomer, Luis noted that he is a punctilious observer of the planets. At the time when planets Saturn, Mars, and  Jupiter are in the way of opposing one another,  then he always gives his best to create the best images on each night of the clear skies, whenever possible. ate, he claimed that Jove is his favorite one.


On Sunday, the astronomer fixed all his tools and other equipment in São Caetano do Sul, which is a place in São Paulo in southeastern Brazilian. Notably, he mainly focused to capture the planet and seized the moments for the DeTeCt programs. This is the main point to spot and distinguish the influence of the giant planet Jupiter.

However, the weather conditions were not much better than it would collaborate that night, but Luis conserved and collected the series of about 25 Jovian videos, along with no time pause.

Significantly, Pereira mentioned, “To my surprise, in the first video I noticed a different glow on the planet, but I didn’t pay much attention to it as I thought it might be something related to the parameters adopted, and I continued watching normally. So as not to stop the captures in progress for fear that weather conditions would worsen, I didn’t check the first video.”

After feeding the 25 jovian videos to DeTeCt program, the astronomer went to sleep. He also noted in his message that he just checked the results on 14the morning, soon after he received the alerts of the high chances of the influence, and also Luis got it authenticated if there was surely any record of the initial video of that night.

Later, Pereira forwarded all the required information to Marc Delcroix, from the French Astronomical Society. Furthermore, Marc authenticated that Luis actually taped the footage of a knock that took place on Monday, around 6:39 p.m. EDT, i.e., 2239 GMT.

Jose said, “For me, it was a moment of great emotion, as I have been looking for a record of [such an] event for many years.” As known, Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and also it is a pretty easy target, for it has all the gravity and gargantuan mass.


The planet Jupiter is mainly composed of hydrogen, however, helium also constitutes about one-quarter of the mass of Joves and adds the one-tenth of its volume. Significantly, Jupiter lacks a well-defined solid surface, and also the ongoing contractions within its surface cause a huge production of heat. Additionally, due to the rapid rotations of Jupiter, it has now gained an oblate spheriod shape, and also there is a detectable bulge, around its equator.


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