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Irakli Karseladze: Road projects are actively being carried out throughout Georgia

Georgia: "Road projects are being carried out at an active pace throughout Georgia. This year, approximately 600 kilometers of roads are planned to be rehabilitated, which is being successfully implemented.

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Georgia: “Road projects are being carried out at an active pace throughout Georgia. This year, approximately 600 kilometers of roads are planned to be rehabilitated, which is being successfully implemented. Now we are on the 11-kilometer section of Gomi-Sachkhere-Chiathuri, where foundation works are underway, and all 11 kilometers will be completed in September,” the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure said after inspecting the rehabilitation works of the Gomi-Sachkhere-Chiathura-Zestafoni highway.

The rehabilitation works of the 32.5 km section of the Gomi – Sachkhere – Chiathura – Zestafoni highway are being carried out in 3 lots. The rehabilitation section starts in Chiatura and ends in Zestafon.


In addition to the road rehabilitation works, rehabilitation of collapsed areas on 16 different (km84-km107) sections of the Gomi-Sachkhere-Chiathura-Zestafoni road is underway.

“At the same time, contractual procedures are being carried out on the second, approximately 9-kilometer section, where rehabilitation works will also be carried out and will be completed at Gais. The works on liquidation of the landslide sections are underway, and overall, it can be said that the Gomi-Sachkhere-Chiaturi direction will be fully rehabilitated in compliance with the pavement, parameters, and road safety norms,” ​​the minister noted.

The road surface on the Chiatura-Zestafoni section was significantly damaged, and there were many collapsed areas, which made it difficult for vehicles to move.

Within the framework of the project, the carriageway of the road will be completely renewed, and a new drainage system, retaining walls of the road, connections to local roads and entrances to residents’ yards will be arranged. In order to increase the safety of road traffic, new road signs, road signs and horizontal marking of the roadway will be implemented. 

The renovated road will connect Chiatura and Zestafon in the shortest way.

The projects are financed from the state budget, and their total cost is 69 million. Laria.


“The Gomi-Sachkhere-Chiathura-Zestafoni road is one of the main alternatives of the Rikoti Pass section on the East-West Central Highway, and its proper operation is of great importance for the continuous movement of local and transit transport. In addition, this road connects 3 municipalities with each other and the villages adjacent to the road with the district centre at the shortest distance,” said Irakli Karseladze.

The minister also emphasized the importance of the Rufoti-Sazano-Alisubani-Tuzi-Kvatsikhe-Katsakhi highway and noted that the first 12-kilometre section in this direction has been completed, and the work on the remaining section is underway. According to him, the mentioned road will help to connect Terjoli and Chiaturi municipalities in the shortest way.

On the Rufoti-Alisubani-Sazano-Tuzi-Kvatsikhe-Katsakhi highway, rehabilitation works of a total of 19 km (km 1-km 12; km 13-km 19) are underway in 2 projects. The mentioned road is the road connection of Terjoli, Tkibuli, Chiaturi and Zestafoni municipalities and their surrounding villages.

In accordance with the project, the asphalt-concrete pavement will be renovated, artificial structures will be rehabilitated, and entrances to the residents’ yards and connections to local roads will be arranged. The works of horizontal marking of the road and arrangement of traffic signs will be carried out. The project is financed from the state budget, and its total cost is 16,443,900 GEL.

Rehabilitation of the 9.4 km (km20-km28) section of the mentioned road is planned for next year, the estimated cost of which is 7 million. It is up to GEL.

The above-mentioned projects, in general, ensure the connection of Imereti municipalities with each other with a fully updated, comfortable road infrastructure and the connection of these municipalities with the central highway. It will also contribute to the development of tourism, agriculture and domestic trade.

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