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People demand strict punishment for accused of animal cruelty

The law enforcement authorities initiated the investigation after they received the complaint on animal cruelty.

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Tbilisi: The law enforcement authorities initiated the investigation after they received the complaint on animal cruelty. This has been started after the circulation of a video clip where some have beaten the dog to death.

It is to be specifically mentioned that many citizens and animal rights activists highlighted this inhuman act. They also gathered outside the Marneuli police station and demanded the strictest law against the person who were involved in this unacceptable, cruel act.


After the huge public pressure, the police stated that the said video is purported to be from December last year. The chief of the Marneuli stated that the investigation is underway.

The animal rights activist has also said that strict laws must be introduced to prevent people from committing such horrible crimes in future.

Ordinary people also expressed similar views and said that this person should not go free without punishment. A large number of other people from other areas also criticised the inhuman act.

A large number of social media users also expressed their anger against the culprits.

At the same, they also expressed anger in their comment. One user commented, “ How long should you express your anger in the comments! How many times have you met me? Don’t you have anything else to do?!! This inadequate crowd obviously irritates a normal and sane society!!!”.
Another user commented, “It didn’t matter when it was filmed; the fact is a sadist bastard, this two-legged creature should be punished and jailed, bastard. And take the cameramen and the fans there”.

The user also demanded the law against these culprits. The police representative of the concerned police station said that after the completion of the investigation, necessary action will be taken against all those who were responsible for this cruel act. They said that authorities must ensure no such like act happen in future in the entire region of Georgia.

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