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Tbilisi to get new 18-meter buses

Georgia's capital city has got nine new buses. These buses will replace the existing 12-meter-long buses.

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Tbilisi: Georgia’s capital city has got nine new buses. These buses will replace the existing 12-meter-long buses. According to available information, these buses will run on the N302 route, serving in the direction of the Maglivi building.

It is to be specifically mentioned that the new Compressed natural gas (CNG) powered buses will have the capacity for 162 passengers. The buses are fully adapted for the disabled. This will make the buses accessible for people with special needs.


The other features of new buses include a special space for the safe parking of wheelchairs as well as a removable ramp. An installed integrated heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system, which is in accordance with the climate conditions of Tbilisi, is also installed in buses. The buses are equipped with voice information as well as internal and external video monitoring systems. The mobile charging points come with charging points and other modern features of monitoring, management and security systems.

It is also worth mentioning that buses operate with a unique and exceptional information system that will display passenger fare payment and information systems management computer, information boards, audio information and video monitoring system, also, with a WIFI device.

Meanwhile, the municipality administration has purchased a total of 160 units of MAN brand 18 meters as part of the transport reform. The first stream of buses has already arrived in the capital, and they will follow different routes step by step.

All green long coloured buses have a unique, attractive look. The interiors of the buses are also of a high standard. The buses are very spacious. Travellers will find the buses comfortable as the journey.

According to the municipality’s representative, the process of importing buses will be completed by the end of 2024.

The Tbilisi city hall also took to their social media handles and apprised the citizens about this news. Social media users also appreciated the decision of the governemet to provide the better transport facilities to citizens.

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