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New Hemodialysis Center opens in Sagarejo Municipality

A new Hemodialysis Center has been opened on the basis of Geo Hospitals Sagarejo Multidisciplinary Medical Center.

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Sagarejo: A new Hemodialysis Center has been opened on the basis of Geo Hospitals Sagarejo Multidisciplinary Medical Center. The Mayor of Sagarejo Municipality Avtandil Gulikashvili visited the newly opened centre and got information about the working of the new centre.

It is to be specifically mentioned that the new centre has been equipped with a number of new facilities. The centre is equipped with modern equipment and has infrastructure for a comfortable environment for patients.


The centre has expanded access to on-site dialysis beneficiaries who require vital medical care at least three times a week. At the same time along with invited specialists, medical services will be provided by local trained personnel. State-of-the-art equipment in the centre is available that will allow for 4 hours of hemodialysis sessions to be performed for 38 patients per day.

Opening a dialysis centre on the basis of Sagarejo Multipurpose Medical Center is very important in terms of territorial medical services for the division of beneficiaries because the availability on the site will be increased and will allow them to avoid the existing discomfort.

“Patients will no longer have to go to other cities, wasting unnecessary time and expenses. On the spot they will be fully provided with additional medical services if there is a need or demand from the beneficiaries,” said Geo Hospitals Branch Manager Sulkhan Samkharadze.

According to Sulkhan Samkharadze the company has made a solid investment in setting up dialysis service centres across the network.

It is worth noting that Dialysis patients with terminal-stage chronic kidney disease need kidney replacement therapy treatment at a relevant profile clinic.This group of beneficiaries belong to the severe patient category, and access is important for them, especially when beneficiaries have been dependent on this process for decades. The dialysis program is financed by the state, and the Geo Hospitals network provides modern dialysis centre equipment and functions in different regions of Georgia.

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