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Georgia: State Security Services arrest one for false information

The State Security Service agency of Georgia has arrested one citizen on February 15, 2024 for false information about the explosive device in a flight.

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The State Security Service agency of the Republic of Georgia has arrested one Georgian citizen on February 15, 2024. He provided false information intentionally about the explosive device in a Kutaisit-Barcelona flight.

His arrest has been effected following the operational, search, and investigation process. This has been effected to identify the originator of false information on the existence of an explosive device on board the Kutaisi-Barcelona flight.


As per the information the arrested person made a phone call from the Georgian mobile operator “Vizear” in Hungary. This phone call was used by someone else also about the existence of an explosive device on board.

It is to be specifically mentioned that according to a message received the flight no. W66417 Qutaisi-Barcelona returned to Kutaisi International Airport, where the State Security Service, together with the Ministry of Interior has adopted all necessary and urgent special measures under the protocol. But even after a deep search no explosive device or substance was found on this flight.

At the same time the Counter-Terrorism Center of State Security Service initiated a thorough investigation of a false report under Article 331 of the Criminal Code.These provision of the Georgian Law provides for imprisonment of 3 to 6 years or 6 to 9 years of strict imprisonment.

In addition the State Security Service is actively investigating various false reports to prevent any harm to the common citizens as well.

At this stage it has been established that most of the notifications and threat calls are made are from foreign countries. As a result of operational and covert inquiry conducted within the investigation agency specific individuals and groups have been identified both across the country and outside the country for this heinous offense.

Similarly regarding the false reports the State Security Service has taken all appropriate measures to identify and minimize risks. The agency is also coordinating with many other agencies as well to extract the exact reason behind this false information. The aim of the agency is also to reveal the actual motive of the accused person due to which they provided false information to law enforcement agencies as well.

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