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Foreign minister of Georgia Ilia Darchiashvili meets his counterpart from Kazakhstan

Ilia Darchiashvili the foreign minister of the Republic of Georgia met Murat Nurtleu the deputy Prime Minister ( Foreign minister) of Kazakhstan and discussed bilateral issue.

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Ilia Darchiashvili the foreign minister of the Republic of Georgia met Murat Nurtleu the deputy Prime Minister ( Foreign minister) of Kazakhstan. Ilia Darchiashvili is currently present in Geneva to attend the 55th ongoing session of the UNHRC(United Nations Human Rights Council).

During this meeting the ministers gave a positive assessment of the fruitful Georgia-Kazakhstan cooperation. At the same time both leaders discussed cooperation under the framework of a bilateral format.


Both sides underlined that the traditionally friendly relations between the two countries and the dynamics of high-level visits that have intensified the relation in recent years. They further added that both sides are ready to cooperate on various fronts to boost the bilateral relation in future years as well.

At the same time the bilateral discussions focused on the cooperation between the foreign ministries of the two countries .it was underlined that in the past year of 2023 another round of political consultations was successfully held in Tbilisi.

Moreover special emphasis was placed on economic cooperation between the two countries and on the increased level of trade turnover. They also discussed the investment and tourism indicators existed between both countries as well. In this context the activities of the Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation of Georgia-Kazakhstan were highlighted and discussed in detail.

Both the leaders talked about the importance of the Middle Corridor and cooperation in the field of transport in this regard. Notably both countries have a long history of friendly mutual relations. The huge bilateral trade and economic cooperation is a solid base of cooperation between both nations as well.

There are many agreements signed between Georgia and Kazakhstan to boost the bilateral trade. The recent data showed that in the last year the trade has witnessed a turnover of $600 million. This is a multifold increase as compared to the previous year among both countries.

Kazakhstan considered Georgia a trusted partner in the Caucasus region and also placed high reliance on political stability as well for close relations with Georgia. They agreed to continue cooperation on all important issues and in the end Ilia Darchiashvili invited Murat Nurtleu to Tbilisi.

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