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Keda Municipality takes part in EBIT 2024

The Keda municipality of Georgia has participated in the 15th International Tourism and Hotel Equipment Exhibition at the venue of “ExpoBatumi” for two days.

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The Keda municipality of Georgia has participated in the 15th International Tourism and Hotel Equipment Exhibition. The exhibition was held at the venue of “ExpoBatumi” for two days. The two-day event was held on May 11 and 12, 2024.



It is to be specifically mentioned that the exhibition featured various stalls including culinary, ethnographic corners, samples of local food, and local entrepreneurs.

At the same time the Local folk ensembles namely “Elesa” and “Jasaman” participated in the event to entertain the event participants as well.  It is worth noting that this year many local and foreign visitors visited the corner of the Keda Municipality. Almost 80 Georgian and international companies participated in the exhibition.  The event was carried out by the financial support of the Keda City Hall and organized by the Cultural Center.


The event began with the ribbon-cutting ceremony by the chief guests of the event. On the other hand the local artists displayed their crafting skills.  They came here with the handmade article which is an example of the unique handicraft skill of these artists. The performers of the ensemble played mesmerising songs for the attended of the event.

The folk music artists gave their performances with a combination of different musical instruments. The all ladies members and one of the ensemble were dressed in red clothes and gave a wonderful performance.  The performance of the music artist was appreciated by all the attendees of the event.

In the culinary section, the local food products were on display. Similarly, in the same section, the people also tasted the local cuisine of Georgia.   A significant number of visitors attended the event. They also appreciated the local artists and their products.



The Keda municipality also thanked the people for showing a greater interest in the event. They    said that the municipality will try its best to hold such a special event in the future as well.  Meanwhile, the social media users appreciated the event and demonstration of the local products and performance of the folk artists.

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