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Many EU countries demand sanction on Georgia over foreign agent bill

According to some eports many countries in the European Union, there is a demand to impose sanctions against Georgia over foreign agent bill.

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According to some media reports of international media in many countries in the European Union, there is a demand to impose sanctions against Georgia. The demand is being raised against the backdrop of the Georgian parliament’s adoption of the controversial foreign agent bill in the third reading.



The prominent countries included Estonia, the Netherlands, Czechia, and Sweden for such a strict move against Russia. They are further demanding action against the members of the ruling party Georgian Dream. The member countries want to raise the issue in the scheduled meeting of the EU’s finance minister on May 27.   It is to be noted that the move of these countries is being seen as the response to the defiant stance of the Georgian Dream-led government on its highly controversial Russian-inspired “foreign agents” law.


The information also revealed that some EU diplomats are exploring the options for restrictive measures. These measures will cover the cancellation of Georgia’s citizens’ visa-free entry to  European countries. The EU’s funding ban against Georgia is also on the cards under the proposal.  These countries’ moves are measures of pressure on the Georgian government to withdraw the bill. However, experts in international relations added that the EU wants to react slowly compared to the United States of America. The main reason for the slow action is that a large number of Georgian common people want good relations with the European Union.

The ban on visa-free entry for Georgians can also backfire, as lakhs of protestors attend the ongoing agitation with EU flags in their hands to protest against the law.  It should be added specifically that Hungary is still supporting the Georgian government. This  Hungary’s support may delay the sanction. Hungary itself  passed a similar law to establish a dedicated agency to investigate the foreign funding received by opposition politicians, media, and non-governmental organizations.”

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