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Chrome is coming up with new PWA features!

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More independent developers and companies are switching to Progressive Web Apps as their preferred solution for native apps. Google and Microsoft improve the web apps experience on Windows and other platforms, slowly adding new PWA features. Progressive Web Apps to deliver an app-like user experience use modern web capabilities. It is the latest web technology that allows anyone to use websites as native mobile or desktop apps.

To improve the web app experience, Google seems to work on a new API that will allow Chrome progressive web apps (PWAs) to handle that will enable Chrome progressive web apps (PWAs). A file handler means with one of a given set of MIME types and file extensions a web app’s ability to handle a file in a browser.


For example, when an image editor is installed, it can register its ability to handle one of these file types like png, jpg, etc., as a web app, in its manifest. The web app will be expected to open image files in one of these formats when the image is doubled tabbed, stored in the system. Currently, this feature is not supported by Chromium.

In the documentation, Google said that the purpose of their new project is to improve transparency between native and web apps and deliver a more consistent user experience by enabling support for file handlers. As part of the following web app update, the company is working on a new permission prompt that will ask users to confirm whether a PWA can register itself as a file handler for specific file extensions. To enable this feature, the company is working on a File Handling API.

Different translation strings exist to allow for better translation between languages with varying structures of sentences for each possible amount of handlers. To match what’s registered in the operating system, File Handler information is retrieved from the WebAppRegistrar. Chromium already features support for handling origin trials in Chrome and other browsers.

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