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CIU: Seminar held on local self Government

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An important seminar was recently held at the Caucasus International University to raise awareness about local self-government.

This was a part of the winter school activities of the Caucasus International University. This activity will go on for the next few days up to the 10th of February. It was also to be added that the university used to organise seminars on a number of issues of general importance.


The organiser of the seminar said that this will aware the people about the importance of local self government. He also said that this initiative will also boost the interest of general public in the local poltics.

The event attendee added that this is a great step taken by the university administration to enhance public participation at different stages of the administration.

On the other hand students who participated in this event were also very eager to know the working on the local self-government. They also said that this will benefit them in multiple ways. They will come to know the functions of the government as well as they can contribute to the development of local areas by sharing their experience with the authorities as well.

There was a presentation for the attendees’ students. The presentation covered all the details of local self-government and the role of the local population in smooth administration.

It is to be added that the local government of the municipality plays a vital role in providing world-class facilities to the citizens. The municipalities across the country have been vested with so many functions, which include bringing transparency in administration as well.

Similar to this key speakers of the seminar also encouraged the students to engage actively in politics. According to them youth and students can play a big role not just in the politics of local municipalities but also in the central government.


At the end of the seminar, the university management honoured the key speakers and stated that more such events would be held in the future as well.

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