Kuwait: Social Media celebrity’s yacht seized with 693 liquor bottles


The Customs department of Kuwait has declared the seizure of a yacht of a famous social media celebrity who tried to smuggle different kinds of brands of alcohol.

While doing an inspection, 693 bottles of liquor were found inside the yacht that had a Kuwaiti citizen and a Filipino ex-pat.


The Customs department referred the persons aboard the yacht to qualified leaders in order to take legal action.

Following the bust, Yaqoub Boushehri, one of the Kuwait social media celebrities, assured that the yacht belonged to him and asked his followers and fans to wait for the outcome of the research. He stated he was ready to fly back from London if he was asked to.

According to sources in the customs department, the yacht belonged to a famous social media celebrity as it contained various types of alcohol bottles.

Following primary research, Kuwait leaders have allocated an order to arrest Boushehri as well as issued a notice to all air and land ports to refer him to the public prosecution once he is back in the country.

In the middle east, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are the only two states who ban alcohol fully in the country, although the access to liquor is fully banned in hotels and restaurants frequented by foreigners in much of the territory.

Kuwait bans the import of intoxicating substances in keeping with Article 206 of Law 46 of 1964. As per the article concerned with alcohol, every person who imports or manufactures with the intention in a bid to trade alcohol or intoxicating drink shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not exceeding ten years.



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