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Tbilisi: Best tourist place for food lovers

If you're planning  to visit the Tbilisi then must try  culinary delights this city has to offer.

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Tbilisi, not only  capital of the  Georgia but also a treasure trove of unique history, vibrant culture, and mouthwatering cuisine. If you’re planning  to visit the city then must try  culinary delights this city has to offer.



There is a word in Georgia  reflects the people’s love for food, “Shemomedjamo,”   means “I accidentally ate the whole thing.” Khnikali occupies the first place among the famous watery dishes one can avail of in Tbilisi. The Khachapuri another   dish everyone should experience.


While some dishes may have originated from other countries, they  have seamlessly integrated into the local diet due rich cultural exchange that has taken place over time. We will discuss some of the best famous Georgian dishes here to help food lovers who want to experience the uniqueness of Georgian dishes.


Khinkali: This famous dish, not just in Tbilisi but throughout Georgia, is prepared by filling parcels of flour dough. According to personal choice, the Khinkali can be prepared with veg or non-veg stuffing.

Walnut-stuffed eggplant: it  is a wonderful and different dish. It is prepared using walnut paste. The fried pieces of eggplant are covered with spiced walnut paste, which gives it a crunchy flavor. The walnut paste is usually prepared by mixing blue fenugreek, tarragon vinegar, and dried marigold.



Khachapuri: It is prepared using bread and a variety of salumi cheeses. Stuffed Khachapuri with cheese and butter enhances the taste.

Pkhali: Don’t worry if you are vegan and don’t like normal veg or non-veg items. The Pkhali is a pure vegan dish. It has chopped beetroots, spinach, nettles, cabbage, and other leafy vegetables combined with garlic, walnuts, and fresh herbs for flavor.

Chikhirtma is the Georgian form of chicken soup, in other words. This is a kind of silky bouillon consisting of egg whites. This dish is further decorated with soft meat in the bowl.

Georgian salad: Another choice for the food addict. The wedges of tomatoes and cucumbers mixed with basil, coriander, olive oil, lettuce, and red onion, along with the use of sauce and taste enhancers, make the perfect traditional Georgian salad.

Pakhovani: This is a cheese bread with a blend of spinach and cream paste. Sometimes, the mashed potatoes are also used as stuffing.  This easily prepared dish is best for those who want immediate hunger satisfaction.

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