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George Volski slams opposition parties

Gia Volski, the First vice-speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Georgia has criticised the opposition parties for their anti-national approach.

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Tbilisi- George Volski, the First vice-speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Georgia has criticised the opposition parties. According to him opposition parties caused maximum damage to the progressive journey of a country.

Speaking specifically on the point, he said “You have to look at the past and present conditions of the opposition parties- at no stage did they create anything positive for the overall welfare of Georgia. On the other hand, they just caused damage to the democratic principles of the country. People should oppose the damaging policies of the opposition parties”.


It is to be specifically mentioned that according to first vice speaker Volsky everyone from the opposition party is competing with each other. They are competing with each other to see who has more resources to destabilise the country. 

While condemning the negative attitude of the opposition parties he stated that “such an opposition will not be successful in the elections at any point in time”.

He further stated that opposition parties did not create anything positive for the country at any stage. In the previous years, the lands of Georgia were given away to enemy forces.

He further said that the occupation of Georgian land was largely due to mistakes of weak opposition parties and a system was created that was intended to oppress people and control their lives or health as per their own interests. 

He also said that these anti-national parties had signed everything that had the potential to cause damage to the country.

George Volski further added that even today they say that this system of governance is not good and they also predict destabilisation and chaos in the future. How can these people bring anything positive to our country if they always think negatively about the country.


According to the vice speaker there was a huge opposition to candidate status to the country but with a collective and united effort we overcame all the problems. Additionally he said  “ Everyone was armed to prevent us from getting the status of a candidate – we unite and succeed”.

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