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Georgian students may benefit from Czech Govt scholarships

The government of the Czech Republic has shared the offer for educational scholarships for the students from Georgia.

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The government of the Czech Republic has shared the offer for educational scholarships for the students from Georgia. They are welcoming students from several european countries to persue education in Czech Public Universities. Students seeking to expand the scope of their higher education may persue an additional master’s degree or doctorate programme. 

The government of the central European nation has also invited students from across Europe to take advantage of the scholarship opportunity and expand their minds with world-class education. 


Government of the Czech Republic is also offering scholarships for the upcoming 2024-25 session of academia and the citizens of the following European, Asian and African countries:

  • Belarus 
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Cambodia 
  • Ethiopia 
  • Georgia 
  • Moldova 
  • Ukraine Zambia

The government of Czechia has shared some details on the scholarship through their social media accounts and that of the various embassies. Further, The official message from the government of Czechia, or the Czech Republic, Read:

Further, they stated, If you are a citizen of Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, or Zambia and are looking for suitable follow-up Masters or Doctoral study programmes. In that case, you are a perfect candidate for the scholarship opportunity.

The Czech Republic government offers several types of scholarships to account for the various and diverse educational needs of students from Georgia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, and Ethiopia, among other countries. 

The scholarships the government offers include programmes in the Czech language. Under this, students can persue a follow-up Master’s degree plus a one-year preparatory course in the Czech language. The government scholarships also provide programmes in the English language – follow-up Masters and Doctoral. 

The government offers these scholarships every year. The scholarships are a part of the Czech Republic’s International Development Cooperation. Additionally, These government scholarships are designed to support students from developing countries who want to study at Czechia public universities.


Meanwhile, they stated, The deadline for your submitting the electronic application for the scholarship is September 30, 2023.

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