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Davit Iosebashvili meets rangers of Agecny of protected areas

Davit Iosebashvili, chairman of the Agency of Protected Areas met with rangers of the agency on eve of christmas and new year.

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Davit Iosebashvili, who is the chairman of the Agency of Protected Areas met with rangers of the agency. He spent time with rangers and also congratulated them on the eve of Christmas and New Year.

During his visit the chairman also appreciated the work of the rangers and said that they are real heroes. At the same time the chairman also held a long discussion with these rangers. There was an arrangement of bonfires as the whole country is reeling under the wave of cold weather.


There was also heavy snowfall at the meeting point. There were many other officials of the agency who accompanied the chairman during his visit to the rangers.

Chairman, during his address, said, “You are doing a great job. All of Georgia is proud of you. Your dedication to the profession is a source of inspiration for all. I would like to congratulate every one of you on the special moment of the new year and merry Christmas”.

The chairman encouraged the rangers and motivated them to work with more dedication. He also congratulated the whole country and extended his best wishes for the new year of 2024.

Meanwhile, the agency of the protected areas took to their social media and stated that “Chairman of the Agency of Protected Territories, Davit Iosebashvili, congratulated the rangers who perform their duty on New Year’s Eve, Merry Christmas, “Dear Rangers, Happy New Year 2024!” Thank you for standing on the protection of Georgia’s unique natural heritage! Ranger is a hero! Wish you a successful, safe and outstanding 2024″.

On the other hand the ranger also shared their experience with the chairman as chairman asked them if they faced any challenges during duty time.

It is to be specifically mentioned that the chairman assured everyone that the agency will make every possible effort to make the working environment more comfortable.


It is also noteworthy that these rangers do their duty even in extreme weather conditions and protect the flora and fauna of areas that fall under the categories of protected areas.

The people also appreciated the rangers for their continued service. some people while appreciating the chairman, said that this was a good example set by the chairman to motivate the young ranger while holding a personal meeting with them.

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