Georgia: Court found two guilty for money fraud

Tbilisi: The Tbilisi city court has found two people guilty of money embezzlement. The city court of Tbilisi accepted the evidence shared by the prosecutor’s office and sentenced them to six years imprisonment.

The court found the defendants guilty of the economic offenses. The accused has fraudulently obtained a large amount of money and received an illegal profit.

While announcing the quantum of punishment the Tbilisi City Court shared the evidence presented by the prosecutor’s office and found two persons guilty of fraudulently obtaining a large amount of money. They made a private illegal agreement with a group for illegal appropriation.

The prosecutor’s office has received the initial information in this regard and initiated the preliminary investigation. The investigation by the prosecutor’s office concluded that they were accused of financial fraud of a heinous nature.

The prosecutor’s office then presented this evidence during the trial before the court.  Later on the court examined the evidence which proved that the defendants used the name of an employee of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to execute and the implementation of criminal actions.

They have extorted a large amount of money from the victims. The accused by providing false information convinced the representatives of one of the companies, including a citizen of a foreign country  to transfer the money to purchase the land plot belonging to the state to ownership under-investment conditions. 

They duped them also on the pretext that they should send them money to resolve the issue of granting Georgian citizenshipMoreover  in exchange for these promises they fraudulently took possession of a large sum of 50,000 GEL belonging to the victims  and 30,000 USD.

The Tbilisi City Court found the defendants guilty of the charge and sentenced them to 6-6 years of imprisonment. The court also underlined that the nature of crime is very serious and the law must be very strict to stop the activities of this financial fraudster who duped innocent people.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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